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The Villages Apple User Group (TVAUG) helps both new and experienced users to get the most from their Macintosh computers and Apple iOS devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). The meetings have a social atmosphere where members can network and connect with each other.

TVAUG, over eight hundred strong and growing, has several meeetings each month to provide help and information on many levels to members.

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The Saddlebrook card room is a busy place on fourth Mondays, the Apple Users HelpSession. This is the October 27 session.

(photo by Rich Gnaedinger, TVAUG Photographer)


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6:30 P.M

The Villages Apple User Group (formerly VMUG-the Villages Macintosh Users Group) MACINTOSH EASY meeting begins with a business meeting. Business is followed by a presentation of general interest. This is followed by a raffle and a social time. Meetings are held at Saddlebrook Rec Center.

There will be no Macintosh Easy meetings in November or December.


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Carole Martin, Program Chairman, hosted Joe Kissell on Skype from San Diego, at the Oct. 22nd TVAUG meeting.  Joe is the best-selling award-winning author of the book series "Take Control" regarding all things Mac and Apple.  He talked about Apple's new operating systems Yosemite and iOS8 to a full room of members.


From the left, Michelle Nelson, Sharon Farrell, Carole Martin, Peggy Briggs, and Donna Ford Vierow.

At the Oct. 22nd TVAUG meeting, Carole Martin, Program Chairman, pulled the winning tickets for these lucky members.  They will each receive a complimentary "Take Control" book, written by guest speaker Joe Kissell, the award-winning author of a successful series of books about all things Mac and Apple.


Shirley Land, TVAUG Treasurer, presents Mary Barrett with a $50 iTunes Gift Card at the October 22nd meeting.
Each member wearing a name badge is eligible for this free monthly drawing.

6:30 P.M

The Villages Apple User Group iClub programs are devoted to skills in using the iPad and the iPhone. Meetings are at
Saddlebrook Rec Center.
Get more information at:

At the November 10 meeting, Bob and Judy Voorneveld will present new features of iOS 8

The winners of the battery packs at the iClub meeting on October 13 were Bob Kent and Bill Holstun.

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12:30 P.M.

The Villages Apple Users Group MAC BASICS session is presented during the first part of the meeting. The rest of the meeting is devoted to Questions and Answers on Mac skills and on switching from PC to Mac. Meetings are held at Saddlebrook Rec Center.

On November 18, Carole Martin will host Megan O'Brien from 1 Password in a Skype presentation.
Megan O'Brien is on the social media and customer support team at AgileBits, the company that makes 1Password.
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The Macintosh Users Drop-in is an unstructured drop-in center where users help other users. MUD is in Paradise Center.
You must be a resident in The Villages to attend MUD sessions.

Get more information at:

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APPLE HELP is an unstructured drop-in center where users help other users. APPLE HELP is held in the card room of Saddlebrook Recreation Center. It is open to all members, even if you don't live in The Villages



Saddlebrook Recreation Center

The Apple iOS , MacBasics, MacEasy, and the Apple Help meeetings are held at Saddlebrook Recreation Center.

photo by Rich Gnaedinger


NOTE: The Main Website of The Villages Apple User Group, this one, is .org on the end.

The Membership Website of The Villages Apple User Group is .net on the end


We have a Google Group. It is a way for members to talk to members.

To join the Google Group:

1. You must be a paid member of The Villages Apple User Group. (TVAUG)
2. Put your full and accurate email address in the box below. 

3. Click on "Subscribe."

4. You will receive a confirmation email to which you need to respond.

Once you are subscribed, you will start receiving e-mails from the Group, and you can respond to posts directly in your e-mail program or you can go to Google Groups in your Web browser to read and respond to e-mails.  The Google Group is essentially a forum for asking and answering questions about anything Apple, Macs, iPads, iPhones, or iPods. 

You can view the group here: but until you are a member, you won't be able to post or respond.  If you are a paid member, you should definitely sign up because this is a great source of information, even if the only Apple product you are using is an iPad.


So join now! Just fill out the form below.

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TVMUG Tips Box


If you have an iPhone 6 or and iPhone 6 Plus, you are ready to take advantage of Apple Pay!

Go to this website to see a running list of stores that are or will be accepting Apple Pay and a list of Apple Pay accepting apps.

Apple has captured some big names for their program, including Disney, Walgreens, Subway, and Macy's.

A few big ones have slipped away, like Walmart, Best Buy, and CVS. They plan to go with their own similar program, CurrentC. However, USA Today predicts that they will eventually be forced by market pressure to go with Apple Pay in the long run.




The November Slices newsletter is published!

You can read it HERE

Or download it to your computer

PDF icon Download PDF

Note: If your web browser opens the PDF Slices file as a web page instead of downloading it to your desktop, go to "Save As" under "File" next to the browser name in the menu. When you save it, it will download to the desktop as a PDF file.



TVMUG Tips Box


For Yosemite users:


Handoff lets you pick up where you left off when you switch devices, in a variety of apps.

With iOS 8 and Yosemite, you can easily stop what you’re doing, be it browsing in Safari, writing a text, or an email, and pick back up right where you left off on another Apple device. If you start surfing in Safari on your iPhone, for example, when you hop on your Mac, an extra Safari icon will tack onto the edge of your dock with a small iPhone symbol in its corner. Tap it, and you’re taken to the exact page you were reading on your mobile. Conversely, this works from Mac to iOS, too, with an icon showing in the bottom left of the device’s screen. Third party apps will begin integrating this soon, making it even more useful.

For a list of computer shortcut key combos and handy actions like "compress a PDF" or "make a ZIP archive,"


Tony Crawford has put together an illustrated compendium of the best current free apps for all Apple devices.
CLICK HERE to get your own copy of it.

Note: If your web browser opens the PDF file as a web page instead of downloading it to your desktop, go to "Save As" under "File" next to the browser name in the menu. When you save it, it will download to the desktop as a PDF file.


Meet the 2014 Officers for TVAUG. (left to right) Bruce Mitchell, Second Vice President; Shirley Land, Treasurer; Dexston Reed, President; Ed Muhs, Vice President; Mike Carr, Secretary.
photo by Betsy White (with Shirley Land's camera)

The Villages Apple User Group Officers

President: Dexston Reed


Vice-President: Ed Muhs


Second Vice-President: Bruce Mitchell





Secretary and Newsletter Co-Editor: Mike Carr 352-430-5512

Treasurer: Shirley Land 352-259-9516

Newsletter Editor and
Apple Ambassador
: Sue Tribble


Photographer: Rich Gnaedinger 352-750-2051
Webmaster: Ruth Williams 352-638-2863

MUD (Macintosh Users Drop-In):
Tony Cottell

Vice President Emeritus: Dan Petrucelli 352-245-7117
Assistant Program Chairman: Cyndi Feeney 561-945-1818
Apple iClub: Bob and Judy Voorneveld 352-259-3840
Membership Chairman: Had Oshby 352-753-7237
Membership Assistant: Judy Reed 352-751-7208

Co-Program Chairman: Joan Todd 352-753-0939
Program Chairman: Carole Martin 352-259-1071
Advisory Board: J J McNutt 352-633-9958
Events Chairman: Tom Winters 352-633-7560
50-50 Chairman: Don Eberle (352) 750-4508
Advisory Board: Tom Bonanno 352-750-2200
Advisory Board: Carol Fortlage 216-524-0439
Advisory Board: Tony Crawford 352-321-7845
Past President: Jim Reitz    
Founder and President Emeritus:
Jack Kraft
(deceased November, 2012)

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